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Navagiraga Moon Temple Photos - Chanthiran (MOON):

Navagiraga Moon Temple Near Kumbakonam - Thingalur Chanthiran (MOON):

If the Sun is life then Moon is body. As the Moon is responsible for mind (Manam), he is also called as "Mind karagar"(Manokaragar). We predict the horoscope by taking the place of the Moon as zodiac. If the Sun is Father, the Moon is Mother.

The Temple of the Moon is situated at a distance of 30 kilometres from Kumbakonam in the place called Thingaloor, Kailasanathar Temple is the temple to worship the Moon. Lord Shiva is the primary god in this temple.

According to the Shastra of Astrology, the Moon is responsible for Quick Actions, mother, elderly women, food products, ideas, water, blood, milk, ponds, rice, cold and heart related issues.

The Moon's God - Goddess Parvathi.

The Moon's Direction - South East.

The Moon's Stone - Pearl.

The Moon's Color - White.

The Moon's Taste - Salt.

The Moon's Vehicle - Pearl Flight.

Navagiraga Moon Temple Photos - Chanthiran (MOON):

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