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One of the major notable events in the world is the big fire accident occurred in Sri Krishna nursery and primary school in the year 2004 July 16. 94 Children below age of 10 years old were dead in the accident.

In a very small space, more than 900 students were studied. As there was no proper exit, 94 children lost their precious life in the fire accident. And 18 children were injured in stampede. The Central government and State government provided financial assistance to the families of children who died in accident.

Mr.Radhakrishnan, Tanjore District Collector of that period who was then engaged in quick activities fixed the situation and helped the affected.

In the memory of the children every year 16th July, the event called Motcha Deepam takes place in the evening in Kumbakonam.

Memorial hall and Children’s park was set on the banks of Cauvery in Palakkairai in the memory of the children those who were dead in the fire accident. Irreligious paintings, Monuments created by the students of Kumbakonam fine arts college.

As a monument to the "Anaya Deepam", this cruel event is an unforgettable tragedy among the people in Kumbakonam.

click Kumbakonam School Fire Acciedent memorial hall and Children Park - Photo Gallery

click Kumbakonam Fire Acciedent School - Photo Gallery

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