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Kumbakonam History::

Kumbakonam is India's most ancient cultural city developed in third century A.D. At the beginning kumbakonam was under rule of Pallava Kings. Only after Ninth century A.D under the rule of Cholas came to light. Chola Kings have built many famous temples and added pride.

In Ninth century A.D, current Kumbakonam was the capital of cholas in the name Kumbapuri. In the middle of 12th century following the fall of th Chola empire, Pandyan kingdom's rule continued till 14th century. Then Vijayanagar Empire ruled Kumbakonam in 14th Century. In the year 1524, Vijayanagara Emperor - Krishna Dhevarayar II visited kumbakonam and participated in Mahamaham ceremony and took holy bath in the pond. Madurai Nayakkars and Tanjore Nayakkars ruled kumbakonam from the year 1535 to 1673.

Kumbakonam, the capital of the Chola Empire was excellent in art, education and culture only in the period of Cholas. So Cholas period is termed as the golden period. In the year 1877, Train lines were built connecting Tuticorin and Nagapattinam. And Tanjore district court was founded in the year 1806 in Kumbakonam.

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