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Kumbakonam Director Lingusami:

Lingusami was born at Thirucherai village in Kumbakonam. He is one of the best directors and producers of Tamil Cinema.

In the initial period, he worked as assistant director to directors Venkatesh and Vikraman. Later in the year 2001, he directed his first film Anandham. The film Anandham earned a good name for Lingusami which was produced by R.B. Choudry , casting Mamooti, Murali, Abbas, Delhi Ganesh, Sri Vidhya. His first movie was filmed in his hometown Kumbakonam.

Later in 2002, he directed the film Run casting Madhavan. After the success of the film Run, he directed the film Jee casting Ajith Kumar which was fully filmed in his hometown Kumbakonam. In the year 2006, he directed the film Sandakozhi casting Vishal. In the year 2008, he directed the film Bheema casting Vikram. In the year 2010, he directed the film Paiya casting Karthi. In the year 2012, he directed the film Vettai casting Arya and Madhavan.

In the meantime, in the year 2006 he launched Thirupathi Brothers Production Company. He produced and delivered quality films. In the year 2007 he produced and released the film Deepavali casting Jeyam Ravi. Then Thirupathi Brothers produced and released many films like Pattalam, Paiya, Vettai, Vazhakku En 18/9(National Award winning film directed by Balaji Sakthivel), Kumki. He added pride by directing the films Anandham, Jee, etc in his hometown Kumbakonam.

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